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Getting involved with Art History

Sun Sep 30, 2012, 9:59 AM

The Community Relations Art History Project is steaming ahead!!


:star: If you are interested in Digital, Resources & Stock, Artisan Crafts or Photography and feel pretty confident you could create knowledgeable article(s) in any of these areas then we need YOU!! :star:

The programme for these genres is as follows

  • October - Digital
  • November - Resources & Stock
  • December - Artisan Crafts
  • January - Photography

I know for some areas this is sensationally early but experience suggests this is the best move!

Please remember a few things when it comes to participating in Art History -

:star: It doesn’t matter what Art you usually create. You can get involved with any area. This is about what YOU can contribute. You are not stepping on anyone’s toes by picking a subject that other artists major in; there is nothing to force them to take part, so the community might miss out on that area all together if you don’t step up!

:star: This is open to any member of dA. CV’s, Senior members, Beta testers, Subbed and Unsubbed accounts – EVERYONE. The various schedules are here –

Have a look at the links and get signed up!!

As always if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask :love:



Digital, Resources & Stock, Artisan Crafts && Photography Sign up sheets
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