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November has come to a close and so has the incredible Resources & Stock Features!

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Our thanks to the lovely Elandria and PirateLotus-Stock, your super CVs for Resources and Stock for heading up the work done this month!

Also a big thank you and well done to our additional contributors -

Here are all the articles in one neat lot!

Welcome to Art History - Stock and Resources MonthHello!  Welcome to Art History - Stock & Resources month! 
All November, deviants in the community will be posting articles about the history and current state of,  as well as some general information about, Stock & Resources. To get involved with articles, head to the sign up sheet
But you don't just have to write articles!  You can participate by spreading the word, commenting on articles, or maybe hosting an Art History-related contest!  Let us know if you've participated, and we will make sure it's seen by the community.
A Brief Overview of Stock
What does "Stock & Resources" mean? The terms "stock," "stock & resources," "stock and resources," "resources," and "resources and stock images" are typically used interchangeably.  The gallery descriptions ma
Stock and Resources:Interview with :devdan-heffer:
As part of Art History month for Stock and Resources we have interviewed the much loved Dan-Heffer who was a Community Volunteer for the Stock and Resources Gallery in the past year. Dan creates a wide range of stock as well as general photographs and has given a bit of insight into his world.

:bulletblack: Stock and Resources - how did you get into it and WHY?

I think somebody wanted a reference so i took one for them, then i got chatting in :#arstock: and there i found out how male stock wasn't as big and that there wasn't as much as female so started to contribute. The support grew and grew and yes! Thats pretty much it!

:bulletblack: What's your favourite subject to shoot stock of?

Always people, because people allow for emotions and emotions make for the best stock!

:bulletblack: How did you make the transition from stock photography to pure portrait work
Stock Provider, Stock User 1- charligal-stockWelcome to Stock Provider, Stock User!
This is the first in a series of articles where we interview a deviant who is both a stock provider and a stock user.
Our first interview is with charligal-stock/charligal!
Hello! Firstly, how is living with our dear Claire (Tasastock)?
It's awesome!! I love her so much, she is a true kindred spirit. Honestly, it feels like we have been living together for ages. It's a really comfortable atmosphere and I am so happy to have her. It's also been a ton of fun introducing her to my friends after all this time talking about how amazing she is. They love her too, hell it's hard not to... she is the bomb diggity.
You have been on your art account, charligal, for 4 years. Did you have any accounts before that one?
Haha oh yes, my beloved art account. Well way back when I was still a student studying Design and Illustration, my classmate slexii got me onto
So You Wanna be a Stocker?Welcome to the first "So You Wanna be a Stocker?" article!
  I asked some of the biggest names in stock some typical questions that new stockers might have, in hopes that their answers will help stockers new and old learn a bit!  I asked them different questions with some overlap in hopes of getting differing
Our interviewees today are faestock, Tasastock, and SenshiStock.
1. Is an expensive camera necessary?
Tasastock says, "No, but they are damned fun to play with! You can get a decent camera for a decent price nowadays that will shoot good quality images in the right conditions. Obviously they're not good for low-light or anything capturing movement, but if you handle them right you can make do with an ordinary camera, I've known plenty of people to do so."
SenshiStock says, "I don't know much about cameras, but the best photographs you can take are always going to be the ones that
Rembrandt's Self PortraitsCountless artists have used themselves as models.  This, a lot of times, comes out of necessity and convenience, but there are plenty of other reasons why an artist might model for themselves.
Rembrandt van Rijn is the first artist I think of when talking about self portraits.  (That could be because he's my favorite painter, but whatever ;) )  Some sources say he made 60 self-portraits, others claim he did over 90.  Whatever the number, it was a LOT.
The exact reason Rembrandt painted himself so often is unknown, but it has been speculated that perhaps, since he was struggling a lot of his life, he was the cheapest and most readily-available model; he often painted himself as someone else.  Or maybe he was doing self-portraits to express his feelings at the time; he sometimes painted himself with a serious look on his face.  Another theory is that self-portraits helped artists to be more well-known.  There was no Facebook back then, you know.  I
Stock Provider, Stock User 2- Kuoma-stockWelcome to Stock Provider, Stock User!
This is a series of articles where we interview a deviant who is both a
stock provider and a stock user.
Our second interview is with Kuoma-stock/JannaFairyArt!
Hello!  Firstly, how is the weather in Austria this time of year?
Hi! We had first snow yesterday,  no one has expected it because usually snowfalls begin in December=)
I see you have been on your art account, JannaFairyArt, for 5 years.  Did you have any accounts before that one?
No, this is my first and only art account on DA.
You have some gorgeous fairy art.  How did you get into fairies?  Would you say they are your favorite mythical creature?
Thank you, happy you like them. In past I used to draw a lot of mermaids, they are actually my favourite creatures but at some point I got a book of Brian Froud presented to my birthday and I have fallen in
Stock Provider, Stock User 3- MontvalentStockWelcome to Stock Provider, Stock User!
This is a series of articles where we interview a deviant who is both a stock provider and a stock user.
Our third interview is with HermitCrabStock/annewipf!
You have been on your art account, annewipf, for 4 years. Did you have any accounts before that one?
Yes. At first, I mostly did traditional artwork and I did a series of watercolour and acrylic paintings about « The Lord of the Rings ». So, I opened an account on a French site dedicated to Tolkien, called « Tolkiendil »  (I'm no more in it : not enough time, and others of interest) ; then, I did a series of fairies, an opened an account on Elfwood  Then, navigating on the web, I discovered dA, but, at the time, we had to answer to a big questionnaire and my English was not very fluent (I did some progress since I'm here!), s
Stock and Resources - Referencing LifeSince men and women first learnt to use charcoal and stones to make marks on rocks in caves they have been obsessed with capturing what they see around them.
"Study for the Libyan Sibyl" by Michelangelo
The human form in all its odd, beautiful, exotic, strangeness has been for many artists their Achilles heel.  Without references to guide our hand, to delight the eye and inspire the imagination - artwork would remain as cave paintings warning people not to enter in case of bears.
"Vitruve Luc Viatour" by Da Vinci
“There are three classes of people: those who see. Those who see when they are shown. Those who do not see.”
Leonardo Da Vinci
Each artist depicts what they see in their own unique way.  Some try to emulate and some forge their own path, but no matter how you are inspired or what media you use to create your work - remember the lessons of other painters who came before. 
Stock Photography: Clint ClemensClint Clemens has long been dubbed the Father of modern Automotive Photography. His work is sleek, crisp, smooth and not unlike the subjects he photographs. One of his most famous shots is titled Kills Bugs Fast.  The story behind the image is that Porsche trust him only with the slogan and told him that he had to illustrate the idea himself. So he did. Thus landmark commercial stock photography was created.
Source: Clint Clemens Kills Bugs Fast found here.
Not satisfied with the fame for his astounding images, Clint went one step further to explore and figure out how he could photograph cars in his studio, creatively and with limited resources. He made the connection between car and road and realised that's where he belonged, out in the field rather than inside a studio. In 1980 he got the idea (a genius one!) to attach a camera to a car. H
A Glimpse into Hyperrealism Art


Hyperrealism is a genre of painting and sculpture that resembles a high quality Photograph, It's the type of art that your mind might not accept it as a hand-made artwork. Hyperrealism is far more advanced than Photorealism by the methods used to create the resulting paintings or sculptures. The term is primarily applied to an independent art movement and art style in the United States and Europe that has developed since the early 2000s.

Hyperrealistic painting
Hyperrealistic paintings are the k
Need references?Although drawing and painting "from life" is way much more effective and efficient than drawing from photos (I'll be writting a separate journal about this soon, no worries), you simply can't have a person to model for you every time you want to create something. And there are situations when you don't exactly know how to place that bloody hand or if the foot is drawn correctly. Similiar issues can happen with architecture, perspective... with everything you draw. Then, when you look for help, you may stumble upon Stock gallery and you find awesome things. Remember about crediting the used stock directly!

Victorian house by skipsstockCarennac 02 - Old house by HermitCrabStockold house WV by Irie-StockOld House by VacantHaze
House 005 by Lelanie-StockStock - House in the Woods by OghamMoonStrange Cone House 5 by FairieGoodMotherHouse by Tintz-stock
Female Blackbird 3311539 by StockProject1Rabbit 01 by 88-Lawstock:thumb11
Need textures?We had a feature of drawing references yesterday, so let's take a look at textures now. I must admit that I'm a total freak when it comes to this topic. I love textures, I love making them and I love seeing them everywhere. In this feature I'll also include some tutorials, traditional and digital, so you could learn how to make some on your own.

Metallic Green Textures by Gypsy-Stock
Old Paper Texture Pack by nevermoregraphixold paper stock 03 by ftouriniWood Texture by TammySueSeamless desert sand texture by hhh316
yellow texture by raregirl86yellow cracks texture by ftourini-stockold map by Meltys-stockYellow fabrics by 10grams-stock
Merlin by dazzle-texturesBurnt Orange Patterns Part2 by WebTreatsETCOrange Grunge by R2krw9
:thumb57748722:Red Clouds Texture by JRMB-Stock:thumb97407126:
:thumb276819046:Pink Stripes Texture by emothic-stock:thumb110124321::thumb116788933:
:thumb154539504:purple texture by raregirl86Paper Pack 6 by dierat:thumb167329623:
old victorian blue by ClarabellafaireStockMore Cement Floors by GreenEyezz-stockvintage blue texture by beckastexture 140 by Sirius-sdz
Dreamy Theodor KittelsenAs I've previously promised, after the articles about Sulamith Wülfing and about John Bauer, the time comes for an article about Theodor Kittelsen.

...Theodor Severin Kittelsen, being a great representant of the Golden Age of Illustration, is one of the countless artists who received more attention and appreciation a long time after their death. I don't say "proper attention", it's still far from it. 
His depictions of Scandinavian folklore creatures are said to be equally cannon to the trolls portrayed by the definitely more famous John Bauer. But, unlike Bauer, Kittelsen didn't focus just around trolls (which are, you must admit that, most of Bauer's creations - although his sudden death at young age is
Need faces?We've already had "Need references?" and "Need textures?", time for something else. This actually is about references again, but about these more specified ones. Emotions. How many times have you wondered why is that the faces you draw look as empty as dead? Depicting moods can be a very hard task. Try sketching yourself (yes, a mirror would be a nice thing to have in this case), pull faces at diffrent angles, change light. And take a look at these below. Compare.

Wise man by Mithgariel-stockJR Portrait 4 -stock by BiggieShortyManic Emotion 2 by RobynRose
By the seaside 12 by intergalacticstockMale Stock 75 by BirdsistersStockFace34 by faestockEscape 002 by D-emo-stockJodi Sunshine Girl 21 by FantasyStock
Lockstock Crying 01 by lockstockCrying Girl by MaLiCi0uZ:thumb119293518:spooky bride 41 by Lisajen-stockFallen Angel XI by fetishfaerie-stock
cracking up by Treeclimber-StockMan Laughing 14865333 by StockProject1VStock Crazy Laugh 02 by lockstockTank and Jeans ::Stock 139:: by spiked-stock
singing 2 by MissKayaStockJessie Stock 01 by kuskostock:
Muses of the MastersBeautiful, captivating, inspiring, complicated and often misunderstood - the women who became muses for their masters had more in common with the artists who painted them than might be seen on first glance.
These women from all walks of life often reviled and looked down on in their own time, have transcended their humble beginnings through canvas and paint to inspire and utterly captivate their audiences.
Elizabeth Rossetti (née Elizabeth "Lizzie" Siddall) 1829 - 1862

Elizabeth Siddal 1860 Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Born in 1829 Lizzie was first "discovered" by the artist Walter Deverell in 1849 who had close associations with Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Less than 2 years later, Lizzie was sitting almost exclusively for the jealous Rossetti.
Lizzie's life with the artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood was turbulent and complicated, much like her relationship with Rossetti who d
Need brushes?After references, textures and faces, the time comes for brushes. All inspirational, all useful!

Gimp Anim. Grass Brushes Set by LJFHutch
13 Blending and Texturing Brushes by god-headFree PS Grass Brushes 2 by s10889 Paint Splatter Brushes by Miss-deviantE:thumb335492192:
Bark brushes - Photoshop by Autlaw:thumb200310505:Velvetcat's Brush Set_2 by velvetcat
Old Paper Brushes III by lailomeielOrnamental Shapes - Brush Pack by SyaReal Media Mini Brush Set by StalcryBrushes Set 01 by Elsouille
Border Brush 3 by wantingtobreakfreeAntique Lace Brushes by Scully7491My watercolor brushes by muttiy
Lace brushes by Myruso:thumb276107668:Grunge Corner Brush Pack by midnightstouch

They will all be shown in the Resources & Stock Art History Gallery

MOAR Art History!

:peace: DistortedSmile

Resources and Stock Month has come to a close in #ArtHistoryProject - here are all the articles together!
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