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Welcome to Photography Month in the ArtHistoryProject!

Here is a quick introduction on whats happening and your Photography CV's.

Things going on in the Community this Month!


Your Photography Community Volunteer Team

Photography General - ^Kaz-D

Day 152: Popcorn in the Birdcage by Kaz-D A cup of Sunset by Kaz-D Gone with the Sun by Kaz-D

Photography General - ^3wyl
Flourish by 3wyl Silent by 3wyl Light by 3wyl

Abstract & Surreal Photography - ^arctoa
Nothing of Cities by arctoa Mathematikoi by arctoa Dichotomia by arctoa

Animals, Plants & Nature Photography - ^IsacGoulart
Go by IsacGoulart The End of Summer by IsacGoulart Dreaming Wide Awake II by IsacGoulart

Architecture Photography - ^anmari
Helvetica VI by AnaNaszynska by AnaNaszynska Helvetica VII by AnaNaszynska

Artistic Nude & Fetish Photography - ^Nyx-Valentine

Mature Content

Barbed IV- Reach by Nyx-Valentine

Mature Content

Fade Into You by Nyx-Valentine

Mature Content

Waking Up by Nyx-Valentine

Darkroom Photography - ^RockstarVanity
Spitting Out Stars by RockstarVanity Absinthe Cat by RockstarVanity Candy Freeze by RockstarVanity

Fashion Photography - ^Pixel-Spotlight
Spirit Hood by Pixel-Spotlight Ruby Faye by Pixel-Spotlight Anastasia by Pixel-Spotlight

Horror/Macabre Photography - ^pullingcandy
For Funerals to Come by pullingcandy Noctem Aeternam by pullingcandy Sleep Twitch by pullingcandy

Photojournalism - ^xbastex
Count to three by xbastex The door is always open by xbastex Attention by xbastex

Pinup & Glamour Photography - ^DistortedSmile
Got these thoughts in my Head by DistortedSmile Looking down the barrel... by DistortedSmile Without Love by DistortedSmile


So, what kind of things are we looking for?

  • Articles on early Photography, equipment and styles
  • Bios of notable Photographers
  • Features of Photography here on dA
  • Interviews with dA Photographers
  • Hosted Chats on different methods or a Q&A
  • Mini Contests
  • Input from the Photography Groups


And how do you get involved?

  • Watch the #ArtHistoryProject Group
  • Decide what you want to do
  • Have a look at the Sign-up sheet and comment with what you will be doing and the date
  • You will get confirmation and you are good to go!
  • Some handy tips on Submitting can be found here


The most important thing to remember is that it doesn't matter what
you want to focus on, just that you have a go. You can have a look
through some of the previous articles to see what other people have

Don't wait - get involved!!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me on one of the Team

:peace: ^DistortedSmile

Project Lead

Welcome to Photography month in the #ArtHistoryProject!

This is a look at what's going on and your CV's :D
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maytel Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
I'm working on weekly interviews :D
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